Religious Settings


Within this session, Gill focuses on interpreting within different Religious settings and the challenges you'll need to be prepared for within this environment.  This is a thorough guide and is not be be missed for any religious interpreting you may be undertaking; whether that be a church service, wedding or funeral.


Gill  is a freelance interpreter, a Fellow of the Association of  Sign Language Interpreters and in May 2013 was appointed as National Adviser for the Deaf Ministry with the aim of encouraging the contribution of Deaf people to the church.

She has previously served as Chaplain in Exeter Diocese and is a Trustee to the Deaf-led charity Go ! Sign also working voluntarily for Signs of God, a Christian training organisation.

Gill says "working in Church can be some of the most challenging and difficult work!  It includes poetry and music, sometimes drama and often very complex language"


"Very interactive. I asked questions in the question/dialogue box and Victoria replied to me personally. It was really nice and I felt held, respected and included."

"This was an easy and enjoyable way to learn and also gain CPD points. It was straightforward to join in and ask questions and the presenter put across the subject matter in an engaging way."

Religious Settings - Gill Behenna

Gill has worked in religious settings for over 30 years and her knowledge and expertise is unparalleled. For over 18 years she worked as an administrator for Signs Of God a Christian organisation who offer professional training for Sign Language Interpreters in a religious setting. For example:

 -         Weddings

-          Funerals

-          Baptisms

Jill is a registered BSL Sign Language Interpreter and has worked in numerous religious settings in her time. She lists the importance of:

-          Preparation

-          Reading the religious work of a faith you will be Interpreting for

-          Asking for permission about where you should stand and be wary of     processions 

If you have ever interpreted at a religious event or wanted some guidance before taking on a booking in this domain, our host Gill has the answers for you in this training session.

£25.00 GBP