What To Charge?


A session looking at how we work out what to charge - including business cost analysis, competition, regional variation, market conditions, AtW, working with agencies, NUBSLI's minimum fees, and a psychological perspective on pressure, stress, and how we make choices.

You may actually be earning as little as £3.52 as a Sign Language Interpreter and you were not even aware.

When you take into account all of the additional expenses that you incur on a day to day basis – accepting that booking at a lower rate could be costing you thousands of pounds a year! 


Darren has been working as a Registered Sign Language Interpreter (RSLI) for many years, working in assorted community settings including legal, mental health and medical. He also interprets in professional settings such as conferences, training events and in the workplace.

Prior to working freelance, Darren held various senior roles with different interpreting agencies. In addition to his interpreting commitments, he leads various training courses either in his own right or jointly with his equally experienced colleague, Ben Phillips (RSLI).

Darren is reliable, professional and he makes the people he works for feel at ease. He has a regular client base because everyone who works with Darren knows they can rely on him to do a good job and to interpret information accurately. 

Darren has demonstrated his clear passion to support the Deaf community through his work as an interpreter and with the extra work he puts in to help Deaf people in his own personal time.

What To Charge? - Darren Townsend-Handscomb

£25.00 GBP